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White rigid cardboard boxes with transparent plastic window, ideal for packaging and transporting decorated cupcakes and muffins. Complete with cupcakes fixing insert. Available in various sizes. For specific features read the information given in the details sheet.

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  • 1 Cavity - 10x10 cm/Height 7,5 cm
  • 2 Cavities - 18x9 cm/Height 7,5 cm
  • 4 Cavities - 17x17 cm/Height 7,5 cm
  • 6 Cavities - 16,5x24 cm/Height 7,5 cm
  • 12 Cavities - 24x33 cm/Height 7,5 cm

Please note - The laterally carved flaps on each insert allow you to easily store and remove the various Cupcakes, but at the same time you can also carry oval cupcakes or Plum Cake.

Material Rigid cardboard
Features Transparent window
Capacity 1/2/4/6/12 Cupcakes
Quantity 1 piece
Manufacturer Culpitt
Dimensions Height 7,5 cm - See details sheet