Primary Colors mini baking cups set

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Set of 100 mini baking cups in light baking paper divided into 25 cups for yellow and blue and 50 red, ideal for wrapping, embellishing and decorating your cupcakes with fantasy in theme parties. For specific features read the information given in the details sheet.

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The cups are made of light baking paper suitable for baking, but tending to color fading and loss of shape. For an optimal presentation, it is advisable to cook the dough in special pans and move the muffins in the decorated baking cups, once cooked and then finish the decoration.

Material Oven paper
Features Light - Slight discoloration after baking
Quantity 100 pieces (25 yellow - 25 blue - 50 red)
Manufacturer Wilton Industries
Diameter Bottom 3,5 cm - Top 5 cm
Dimensions Height 2 cm