Isomalt 500 gr

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Isomalt is a sugar-free material, ideal for making biscuit centers or abstract decorations using the pulled and blown sugar technique, or in combination with food molds. For specific product features read the information in the details sheet.

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Isomalt is a substitute for sugar obtained by treating sugar beet through enzymes. Isomalt is classified as an alcoholic disaccharide (polyol), does not affect teeth and has a caloric intake of 50% lower than table sugar.


Saracino has made the isomalt available in a granulated preparation, ready to be dissolved in the microwave. Saracino has already tempered isomalt, so it is sufficient to dissolve the preparation to obtain a ready-to-use product.

• Place the desired number of isomalt preparation in a container suitable for the microwave oven;
• Heat in the microwave in increments of 30 seconds until the product is fluid;
• Remove the isomalt from the oven. Attention: the product will be extremely hot;
• Stir and wait for the boil to decrease, then slowly pour into the chosen container or mold, or pour on a heat-resistant surface and work with tools. Once cooled, it can be worked with hands;
• To give a smooth appearance to the surface or to correct any imperfections, quickly pass a torch for crème brulée on the isomalt.

Material Prepared in granules
Features Transparent
Weight 500 gr
Manufacturer Saracino