White fondant sugar 375 gr

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FunCakes white Dip 'n Drip is also known as melting icing or fondant sugar to melt; it is the ideal product for the glazing of pastes, cakes, cream puffs, cupcakes, donuts and other baked goods. In addition, it is very useful for the preparation of creams and can be colored with food colors. For specific features read the information in the details sheet. 

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Fill a microwave-safe bowl with the desired amount of product. Heat for about 1 minute at about 750 watts in the microwave oven, checking that the product does not exceed a maximum temperature of 37 ° C. Add it to your liking or pour it into a pastry bag for small decorations. All the packaging is enough to glaze 25 cupcakes or donuts.

Material Sugar
Features White - Can be colored with food colors
Quantity 1 piece
Weight 375 gr
Manufacturer FunCakes - NewCakes BV