On levels Gravity Cake kit

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Set consisting of 46 pieces divided into rods, connectors, joints, base platform, etc. all in polystyrene plastic suitable for contact with food. This practical kit allows you to create beautiful cakes that defy gravity, creating the gravitational effect around the assembled structure. For specific features read the information given in the details sheet.

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  • Instruction manual in English language
  • 1x Round base diameter 25 cm (1A)
  • 1x Round platform diameter 15 cm (2B)
  • 1x Round platform diameter 10 cm (3C)
  • 2x Single angle joint (4D)
  • 2x Snodo a gomito (5E)
  • 6x Connettore (6F)
  • 12x Base and platform holes closing caps (7G)
  • 8x Collar (8H)
  • 2x Foundation rods lock nut (9I)
  • 4x Long Rods - 10 cm (10J)
  • 2x Medium Rods - 5 cm (11K)
  • 2x Small Rods - 2,5 cm (12L)
  • 1x Long foundation rods for base and platforms (13M)
  • 1x Small foundation rods for base and platforms (14N)
  • 2x Collared adaptors (15O)
  • 2x Plain adaptors (16N)


N.B. - This tutorial refers to the basic gravity cake kit but the assembly mechanism is the same; with the on levels kit, it will be up to your imagination to position all the different pieces to create the assembly scheme that best suits the objective of your creation.

Material Polystyrene plastic
Features Suitable for contact with food - Gravity effect on much floors cakes or on varoius levels
Quantity 1 kit - 46 pieces
Manufacturer Cakeframe Ltd.
Diameter Baseboard 25 cm - Platforms 10 and 15 cm