Crisco vegetable margarine

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Vegetable fat, also called shortening, is an ingredient with a thousand uses in cake design and widely used in american pastry. Pack of 450 gr. For specific product features read the information in the details sheet.

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Vegetable fat has different uses. It can be applied to the sugar paste to prevent it from sticking. It is useful to renew the fondant after it has been stored for some time. It can also be used to grease pans and make them non-stick. It also serves to soften the modeling paste, preventing the formation of cracks during drafting and modeling. Finally, it is one of the ingredients necessary for making gum paste. We recommend heating it in a bain-marie for a few minutes to give it a soft consistency.

Material Vegetable margarine
Quantity 1 piece
Weight 450 gr
Manufacturer Crisco