Patchwork Cutters Old English Alphabet

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Set of plastic impression molds useful for recreating all the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet in gothic style, ideal for forming decorative lettering on covers of sugar paste cakes and desserts. Just press the mold on the sugar paste firmly so as to obtain well-defined contours.

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Please note - The various letters are all attached to an entire plastic grid but can be easily detached one by one to be used separately. The molds do not cut but only imprint. If you want to use the molds as a cutter you will need, after having impressed, to cut out the edge with the help of a scalpel or knife.

Material Plastic
Features To be imprinted
Quantity 2 pieces
Manufacturer Patchwork Cutters
Dimensions Upper Case characters 1,5 cm - Lower Case Characters 1 cm