Yellow liposoluble coloring for chocolate SK

Yellow coloring for chocolate

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Yellow liposoluble coloring agent based on cocoa butter useful for coloring chocolate; also ideal for molds and transferable sheets for chocolate. Can only be used with a microwave oven. Free from gluten. For how to use read the information in the details sheet.

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Remove the lid from the package and insert the opened jar in the microwave at maximum power for about 2 minutes, until the contents of the package are completely liquid; then, reassemble the lid, close the package and shake at regular intervals to allow even temperature distribution. Open the package again and mix the contents with a thin brush; subsequently it will be possible to combine the coloring with the chocolate to obtain the desired shade.

Material Cocoa butter base
Features Liposoluble - Gluten free
Quantity 1 piece
Weight 15 gr
Manufacturer Squires Kitchen Sugarcraft Ltd.