Chocolate Egg Mold 130 gr 2 cavities

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Product available for purchase in store from March 08, 2021 to April 11, 2021*

Rectangular polycarbonate mold ideal for realizing a 130 gr chocolate egg, by assembling two halves. Contains 2 cavities. For specific features read the information in the details sheet.

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  • Mold dimensions - 17,5x27,5 cm/Height 2 cm 
  • Cavities dimensions - 10x15 cm/Depth 4,5 cm

*Please note - The product will be available for purchase in store during the months of March and April, specifically in the period indicated above; in the preceding and following months, the object will be available only for online purchase.

Material Rigid polycarbonate
Capacity 2 cavities
Quantity 1 piece
Manufacturer Decora
Dimensions Mold - 17,5x27,5 cm/Height 2 cm Cavities - 10x15 cm/Depth 4,5 cm