Express hot liquid colours for eggs

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Set consisting of 5 liquid food colors such as light blue, pink, yellow, orange and green with sachets for boiling in saucepan and clips to seal the bags during boiling, useful for hot coloring the outside of the eggs. For specific features read the information in the details sheet.

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  1. Materials needed: sheets of newspaper as a base, a pot to be used as a kettle for cooking (about 24 cm in diameter), a small container like a measuring container, scissors, a spoon, 15 eggs with dark or white shell;
  2. Separate the colors with the scissors; pour 1 liter of hot water into the kettle;
  3. Now prepare the individual color baths. Separate the bags from each other. Place a bag in the measuring cup and pour 300 ml of hot water. Cut the tip of the colour and add it to the water previously inserted in the bag;
  4. With a spoon, place 3 eggs in the color bath, close the bag with the supplied clip and place it in the kettle;
  5. Fill the other 4 bags in the same way, close them and place them in the kettle. The eggs must be completely immersed in the color bath and the bag clips must protrude out of the water;
  6. Boil the water and continue coloring by cooking for another 8 minutes;
  7. Remove the bags, place them in the sink or in a container and cut below the clip. Rinse with cold water until the color has escaped;
  8. Dry the eggs with a kitchen towel and possibly apply fat or oil as brighteners.

*Please note - The product will be available for purchase in store during the months of March and April, specifically in the period indicated above; in the preceding and following months, the object will be available only for online purchase.

Features Edible - Hot use (by boiling)
Quantity 5 colours (light blue-pink-yellow-orange-green) - 5 bags for boiling - 5 clips
Manufacturer Brauns-Heitmann GmbH