Information about the types of payment accepted by Mitico online sales service

If you need to know if your preferred payment method for online purchases is among our accepted payment options, read the information below; are listed all the payment types currently used by our online sales service with our payment receive timings and any extra charges, if present.

  • PayPal or Credit Card

The PayPal payment method is in effect the most commonly used payment method by various online sales services and is now synonymous with worldwide security and safety; is the most immediate and fastest payment solution; di fatti, once you have chosen PayPal as a payment method you will be redirected directly to the PayPal page from which you will be able to enter your PayPal account information, then sign up for PayPal account and confirm payment; once you have secured your payment, you will automatically redirect to our website page. If you would like to pay with Credit Card not registered on PayPal, when you redirect to the PayPal page, you will have to choose the button "Or pay by Credit Card" and then directly enter your card details. Both the order and the payment confirmation have been sent to our e-mail address by automatic notifications. As a result, the order will be promptly prepared to be shipped.

  • Bank Transfer

The way of payment by bank transfer is definitely an absolute guarantee as regards payment security, both for the seller and for the consumer; Unfortunately, processing on various computer banking systems takes about 2 business days. In fact, choosing this method of payment implies a wait in the preparation of the shipment, as the goods will never be prepared before receiving the payment within our bank account. In addition, any payment notifications will not be accepted, either filed by the customer's bank or containing the number of C.R.O. (Transaction Reference Number). We will be careful to check regularly and daily the successful completion of the transfer; as soon as payment is made on our banking system, the order status will go to "Payment accepted", the customer will receive an email notification immediately and the goods will be promptly prepared for delivery.

  • Pick up and payment in store

The way of pick up of goods and payment in store represents certainly the easiest type of payment, as the balance of the goods is physically at the point of sale and therefore represents for the customer the security to check the goods purchased before paying it and it is , therefore, synonymous of certainty. It is designed for all those customers who, comfortably, are able to retrieve the goods at the point of sale but who, for some time, need to check the availability of the desired goods in real time and make sure by online order quantity of the products they want. The user will simply have to book their goods on the website by making a classic order by inserting the various products into the shopping cart; at checkout; when choosing the shipping method, you will have to choose the option "Pick up and pay in store" and confirm the choice in the next step regarding the payment method. Once the order is confirmed, the user will receive the classic e-mail summary. The order preparation margin is 24 hours from the order confirmation and consequently it will never be possible to retire the products ordered online on the day of confirmation; as soon as the order is ready for pick up, we will be kindly sending e-mail to confirm that the goods are ready to be taken. From then on, the customer will have 48 working hours to take his order at the store; once this deadline expires, the order will be canceled and the reserved products will automatically be returned for sale. The customer will receive an email confirming the cancellation of the order.

Please note - The information contained on this page is reported, in the form of a regulation, also within our official "Terms and Conditions". Before proceeding with an order, please read the terms and conditions of our online sales service carefully. These are the terms you will accept at the time of confirmation of each new order. Click here to redirect to the "Terms and Conditions" section.