Express courier information, transit times and shipping costs

In keeping with the principles that characterize Mitico from years, what respect for the consumer customer and the utmost transparency to you, we will list all the information regarding the Express courier that works with us to allow you to have all the original Mitico products in your homes.

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  • Express courier

For our shipments we rely on Poste Italiane SDA, one of the best known national couriers. At the moment the Mitico online sales service and, consequently, the shipping service are only available to Italy, to the member countries of the European Union and to some countries outside the European Union.
The specific rates for each weight range as well as the european countries covered by the shipping service can be reached and downloaded from the links in paragraph "9. Shipments" of the Terms and Conditions section of our site.
Any order made by mistake from countries not covered by the shipping service will be automatically canceled and you will receive an e-mail confirming the cancellation. We are also unable to ship and receive orders to Vatican City and the Republic of San Marino.

  • The shipping service

The type of service used for our online shipments is Poste Italiane SDA Crono divided into two services for Italy such as Crono Standard, with slower delivery times but cheaper and Crono Express with faster delivery times but more expensive; for foreign countries is available Crono International, just for the European countries covered by the service; the factor that will identify the specific shipping costs for each order will be the total weight of the products purchased; for a correct cost calculation, all the goods in our catalog have been carefully weighed with an electronic scale; we will check periodically the weight of the new products that will be added to our catalog over time.

With regard to shipments to Italy, with our online sales service it is not possible to request delivery on a specific day or time of day; as regards delivery attempts, two will be made in total; in case both are not successful, the shipment can then be collected at the nearest post office where it will remain in free storage for 10 days. If for the customer this is not congenial, it will be possible to contact Poste Italiane directly through the notifications that will be left by the courier in the mailbox, provide the tracking number of the shipment and reschedule the delivery, choosing between one of the two services listed below:

- CONSEGNA AL VICINO service: in the event of an absent recipient, the shipment can be delivered to another recipient located at the same address as the main recipient;
- SCEGLI TU service: possibility for recipients to have delivery on another date, to another address, at a post office or post office.

If no alternative service is chosen by the customer from those listed above or the 10 days of free storage end, the same will be returned by Poste Italiane SDA directly to the sender and if the customer wishes to receive the shipment again he will be forced to support a second time the initial shipping costs.


  • Insured and uninsured deliveries

As a contractual feature, the Poste Italiane SDA Crono shipping service provides insured shipping services only as an accessory service and only against payment by the user to be paid after the order confirmation if the same expresses the will of a shipping with insurance; shipping insurance can be requested by the customer by e-mail at, after confirming the order, but only until the status of the order is on "Preparation in progress"; when the status of the order has changed to "Delivery in progress", it will mean that the order has been taken over by the express courier, therefore, it will no longer be possible to request insured shipping. Once the user has communicated his willingness to receive an insurance shipment, we will immediately calculate the surcharge, which will be communicated to the e-mail address with which the registration was made on the website. No orders will be sent before receipt of payment for the insured shipping surcharge; the payment method for the balance of the surcharge can be easily decided by the user according to his needs, choosing from the standard payment methods accepted by our online sales service. For more information on the types of payment accepted click here.

The tables relating to insurance premiums for shipments to Italy and Europe can be reached and downloaded from the links in paragraph "9. Shipments” in the Terms and Conditions section of our site.

  • Effects of uninsured shipment

In accordance with current legislation (Article 63 of Legislative Decree 206/200), in the case of uninsured shipments, the risk of damage and property is always borne by the merchant during shipment and transport and is transferred to Consumers only when the latter - or a third party designated by him and other than the carrier - materially enters the possession of the goods. That's why we use traceable shipments for our customers.
In the event that the carrier has been chosen by the consumer outside of the ones proposed at the time of purchase, the risk of damage and perishing of the goods is transferred to him at the time of delivery to the carrier itself, excluding any disputes regarding the external features of what is delivered. In this case, any dispute must be directed directly by the consumer to the carrier.

  • Traceability of shipments

The shipping service used by us, Poste Italiane SDA Crono, provides the ability to track your shipment and follow its progress day after day. The traceability of the shipment can be made using the code inserted in the e-mail which will be generated and sent automatically by Poste Italiane as soon as we finalize your waybill on the Crono Online portal owned by Poste Italiane; the e-mail will be automatically delivered to the address left by the user on our online sales site during registration. The code contained in the e-mail can be entered on the internet page owned by Poste Italiane, reachable by clicking here.  For the procedure for entering and searching the traceability code, follow the instructions provided directly on the Poste Italiane website.

  • Free shipping

With Mitico, the loyalty of its customers is rewarded. For all orders placed by customers resident in Italy and for whom the shipping address will be within Italian territory, shipping costs will be free of charge for the total amount of products over €75.00. The amount of shipment calculated within the user's cart will be automatically cleared once the above figure is exceeded.

N.B. The information on this page is reported in the form of a regulation also within our official "Terms and Conditions". Before proceeding with an order, please read the terms and conditions of our online sales service carefully. These are the terms you will accept at the time of confirmation of each new order. Click here to be redirect to the "Terms and Conditions" section.