Balloon Compositions


There is no party if there is no balloon! Inevitable for adult and children's parties, balloons have always been the perfect complement.

A varied world of art, creativity and play that jokes with the same colored balloons from which it is formed and which is renewed every day and sculpture after sculpture, giving the hand to the part of us that has remained the most child.

At Mitico all this is possible ... We create custom balloon sculptures and balloon compositions in Rome of various types from the centerpiece to the columns with the colors and characters you prefer.

An inimitable party, where the arrangement of balloons will not only color the environment making the atmosphere more joyful, but the unique sculptures that we create will leave all guests, children and parents amazed and fascinated.

Do you need simple inflated balloons? Once again you are in the right place because at Mitico it will also be possible to request the air or helium inflation of the balloons available at the store or brought by you.

 Do not let your party or that of your children be the usual ... Run to Mitico and transform your party into something unforgettable.