Mitico Sugar Art in its store in Piazza dei Consoli in Rome, 44-45 provides the service of printing wafers for personalized cakes.

The service of food printing for personalized cakes consists in printing with food colors, images on wafer or sheet of sugar paste in A4 and A3 formats, round or rectangular;

The printer used for the personalization of food prints is certified food and containing food ink cartridges,

the images can be chosen by the customer on site via PC with internet connection, provided by the customer via USB or cellular support on site or previously provided via e-mail at the address

If you decide to send by e-mail we recommend to insert the attached image, a phone number where you want to be contacted in case the image presents problems of resolution or setting, and the type of print you want to receive (waffle or sugar paste), and whether round or rectangular, and its size.

The only graphic processing that is carried out at the point of sale is, in fact, the transformation of the image in the round if you need it and obviously the image itself is arranged to be positioned in the round; we do not carry out graphic elaborations like biscuit prints, adding writings or numbers on images, photomontages or the graphic assemblage of multiple images in a single sheet to be printed.

The print is expressed and the customer receives the food print immediately at the point of sale; our advice to customers is to come and print about to be used, ie within three or four days before the day in which the print is to be used.

For information do not hesitate to contact us by Email: