Cake Candles

For those who want to amaze their child or their loved one with candles for special cakes, the shop of Mitico, specializing in the retail of products regarding the Cake Design, is the right answer! In the online catalog you can in fact find a wide assortment of products, including special birthday and non-birthday candles.

Spiderman candles, Peppa Pig candles, Winnie the Pooh candles and many other famous characters from the world of cartoons await you in this fantastic shop! But the candles for cakes are certainly not the only product offered by the large catalog of Mitico.

In fact, you can find, to complete your wonderful party: wonderful coordinated table for your theme parties, hats, crowns, masks, balloons, centerpieces, swags, flags and much more! In short, abandon yourself to the carelessness and let yourself be guided by your creativity to organize a truly unique party with the professionals of Mitico.

Because in this very sweet shop, the meticulous attention to the customer and the desire to treat with love every single idea and project, and then turn them into reality, are the pillars on which the whole activity was founded. Give life to your ideas, visit our online shop or come and visit us personally, Mitico is located in Piazza dei Consoli 44-45, in the Lucio Sestio area just five minutes walk from the metro line A of the same name.

For more information about our products for pastry or in particular on the candles for cakes do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at