Birthday Cake Decorations

Are you looking for a shop that can help you decorate your birthday cakes? For all lovers of Cake Design comes to your rescue Mitico, an online shop specialized in selling professional products for sugar art. How many of you have dreamed of personally decorating the birthday cake for a loved one or a friend? Thanks to the professionals of Mitico this dream can become reality.

In fact, you can best express your creativity and your style, helped by a staff of great experience that will guide you and advise you in choosing the best products on the market today, always taking into consideration the new trends and news in the field of Cake Design.

In our real shop and online you will find everything you need to prepare, decorate and package your sweets: Cake Design equipment, party items, sugar paste, food colorings, food products, sweet and cake molds, birthday cake decorations, boxes for cakes and sweets, decorated napkins, candles for cakes and much more!

The art of pastry making is an ancient tradition in our country and the recent interest in new decoration techniques has helped to awaken and reinforce the common interest in this art. We have always been fascinated by the world of Italian confectionery and with the advent of Cake Design we decided to put all the experience and the recognition gained in these years at the service of our beloved customers. Treating your ideas is our strong point! At Mitico you will always find highly trained staff ready to provide any kind of information and support.

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