Sugar Paste - Fondant

For all friends who love Cake Design, we at Mitico offer you a wide selection of the best brands of sugar paste. This type of pasta, very used for decorations, is an indispensable product in cake design. In our shop the product is available in different colors and sizes, the offer includes: white sugar paste, colored sugar paste, gum paste, flower paste,covering pastes and much more.

But sugar paste is certainly not the only pastry product available in our extensive catalog! You can count on a varied offer of items for parties, such as: hats, crowns, masks, balloons, colorful coordinated table, all essential products to complete and customize your events with fantastic fun ideas.

In Mitico you can find for sale the best national and international equipment and products for cakes and cupcakes decorations. Furthermore, we work scrupulously following the standards of the law in force in the context of sales for both food and non-food products.

Assistance, professionalism, courtesy and love: these are just some of the key points at the base of our activity! Everything is sweeter at Mitico and every meeting becomes a party thanks above all to the great attention dedicated to each client. The quality of the products guarantees a valid help both for professionals in the sector and for simple enthusiasts; then give vent to your creativity, turn your cakes into small works of art to be enjoyed with your eyes also thanks to the decorations with sugar paste.

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