Products for Pastry

Mitico is an Anglo-Saxon style shop specializing in the sale of products for pastry, with the experience and awareness gained over the years we are able to select, at national and international level, food products and pastry tools of the best brands. Thanks to our approach in sales loving and simple but at the same time always reliable, we have obtained important awards and certificates of esteem from great professionals of the sector as: Teresa Insero and Mariacristina Battaglia.

Always fascinated by the world of Italian patisserie, famous in the world, and with the consequent advent of Cake Design in Italy, the Mitico idea was born that in addition to products for pastry offers in its catalog articles for parties and feasts, food products, food colours, sugar paste, sweet and cake boxes, rigid trays and much more!

Pastry in Italy is like mum: something you can always count on, so the professionals of Mitico will guide you, helping you to better express your imagination and selecting together with you the most suitable products to make your culinary projects possible. . Today we are able to perceive very quickly the needs of the market, a feature that has made us a leading company in our sector, and to select for you the best products among the most prestigious brands.

The shipments of our products in Italy and in the European Union take place quickly and carefully in the packaging, the tranquility of our customers is one of the things we care about most. The store is supplied and always reliable, we allow sugar art masters and professionals to work with products of the highest level. Put us to the test, you will not be disappointed!

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