Squires Kitchen Holly Leaf veiner set

Holly Leaf veiner set

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Set of 2 food-grade silicone molds useful for realizing the realistic shape and grain of the Holly. The veiners are botanically treated in detail. It is preferable to use Gum Paste to a fine spread and to obtain realistic flowers with quick drying times.

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  1. Wash the mold in hot, soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly before use
  2. The veiners should be used with the cutter suitable for cutting (see category "Flower cutters")
  3. Once the cut has been made, position the shape obtained between the two silicone molds in order to obtain the desired grain
  4. Remove the shape from the veiners and smooth the contours with the Ball Tool, if necessary.

Please note - Silicone veiners resist freezing and high temperatures up to 204°.

*Please note - The product will be available for purchase in store during the months of November, December and January, specifically in the period indicated above; in the preceding and following months, the object will be available only for online purchase.

Material Food silicone
Quantity 2 pieces
Manufacturer Squires Kitchen Sugarcraft Ltd.
Dimensions 3,7x7,5 cm