Checkerboard Cake Pan Set

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The set includes three steel 22,5 cm diameter round pans with non-stick coating and a plastic separator ring for the dough. For specific product features read the information given in the details sheet.

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Prepare the doughs in the trays separately one pan at a time so you can use the separator ring on each pan. Place the ring in each pan and fill the slots with the desired dough to achieve the checkerboard effect. Remove the separator ring and put in the oven. Repeat the procedure for each pan. Once cooked the three doughs, assemble them one on top of the other and finish the cake at will with sugar paste or various coverings so as not to notice the attachment of the various floors.

Material Anodised aluminum - Plastic
Quantity 3 Pans - 1 separator
Manufacturer Wilton Industries
Diameter 22,5 cm
Dimensions Superimposed molds height 15 cm