Heart Cake Pan Set

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Round anodized aluminum baking pan with heart shaped cavities. Thanks to this mould it will be very easy to prepare a warm heart of cream inside your sponge cake. For specific features read the information given in the details sheet.

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Cook the dough separately in the two pans; once cooked, both dough will have a concave part. The empty parts of both dough should be filled as desired with the cream of your choice (it must be a thick and firm type of cream to get a good result); once filled, both parts must be superimposed on each other towards the center of the cake in order to obtain a full and creamy heart on the whole circumference of the cake. You can then coat and decorate the cake according to your needs, avoiding to notice the overlap of the two layers.

Material Anodised aluminum
Quantity 2 pieces
Manufacturer Wilton Industries
Diameter 20,9 cm
Dimensions Superimposed moulds height 11,4 cm