Mini Panettone baking paper mould

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Light and non-rigid baking paper mould, ideal for the realization of 100 gr mini Panettone. For specific features read the information given in the details sheet.

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Super calendered pure cellulose baking paper moulds. Weight 95 gsm. Rotogravure printing. Heat resistant and alcohol resistant colors. Heat-resistant gluing. They resist heat up to temperatures of 180 ° C and must not be removed. The bottom is made of pure cellulose paper, super-calendered, wavy and microwave. Weight 125/145 gsm with a through needle piercing distributed over almost the entire surface that eliminates superfluous humidity.

Material Baking paper
Features Light - Non-rigid
Capacity 100 gr
Quantity 1 piece
Manufacturer Novacart - Novaservice
Diameter Bottom 7,3 cm - Top 7,7 cm
Dimensions Height 5 cm