Silicone mats and worktops  

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Non-stick silicone mat suitable for cooking and deep freezing. Glass fabric coated with food use silicone. Perfect for working sugar, chocolate and caramel. Available in 4 different sizes.

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Silicone mat suitable for making macarons; the mold allows to create 48 macarons each of the diameter of 3,5 cm. Each mold has a double circle to facilitate the creation of macarons. Dimensions 30x40 cm. Semi-transparent white color.

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Multipurpose plastic material worktop suitable for contact with food and non-stick. The 5 lateral cuttings allow you to insert iron wires into petals and leaves made of gum paste. The small holes serve to give shape to flowers and calix. The smooth surface is perfect for spreading, working and cutting gum paste. Dimensions 18x40 cm.

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Flexible silicone non-stick 18 cavities baking tray ideal for bake sweet and salty cake pops. For specific features, read the information in the details sheet.

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