Some of our brands

With the experience and awareness gained over the years, Mitico is able to select, at national and international level, food products and pastry tools of the best brands.

Why choose us

Some of the key points that are the basis of the Mitico sales activity

Fast and reliable shipping

We ship our products to Italy and the Europe quickly and carefully in the packaging

Professionalism and Quality

Thanks to the experience we are able to select national and international products from the best brands

Gluten-free products

Meticulous is the attention to gluten-free products, signaling them and constantly checking the reliability of the informations

Fixed and low prices

Always attentive to customer needs to offer you the best at low cost

Featured products

Some loyal customers

Thanks to our way of selling loving and simple but at the same time reliable, over the years we have obtained important awards and certificates of esteem from great industry professionals

Teresa Insero
Cake Designer

Mitico is the reliable and well-stocked store, which allows sugar art amateurs and professionals to work with products of the highest level. I chose Mitico because it listens to the needs of its customers and the prices are competitive. .
Mariacristina Battaglia
Cake Designer

Assistance, professionalism and courtesy, from Mitico everything is sweeter and every meeting becomes a party. The attention of the staff and the quality of the products make this shop a valid aid for both professionals and enthusiasts; not only for the creation of wonderful cakes but also for your every event.

We do it with love

Always fascinated by the world of Italian pastry, famous in the world, and with the consequent advent of Cake Design in Italy, the Mitico idea was born. All this has made us a leader in the sector; with the experience and recognition gained over the years, today we are able to quickly perceive the needs of the market and to select for you products of excellent quality and the most prestigious national and international brands.

Our strength is to take care of your ideas and projects in every detail, and then turn them into the cake of your dreams. At Mitico you will find highly trained and helpful staff, always ready to provide any kind of information.

In addition, we complete your events with a fantastic variety of Party ideas, giving you the opportunity to choose between colorful table coordinates, balloons decorations, festoons for every occasion and lots of gadgets for children.